An excellent, small, irregularly-shaped Pine, the size and shape of Japanese
Black Pine is variable reaching a height of 25 feet and a spread of 20 to 35 feet. The exceptionally
dark green, five to seven-inch-long twisted needles are borne in groups of two. Although trees may
or may not have a central leader prune to develop one if the tree will be grown to a large size.
Branches are held horizontally in a picturesque silhouette and sometimes can outgrow the central
leader forming an attractive multistemmed specimen tree. Black pine is a native of Japan. It prefers
but does not insist on colder climates; needs special care if grown in the warmer regions. It has
rough bark and dark needles.

The one that you purchase will be similar to the one depicted.  Please email us if you want to see pictures of the selection we have in stock in various colored pots.

Potted in a 8″ rectangular ceramic blue color bonsai pot with curved corners

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