The bonsai Serissa Foetida are much loved as bonsai for their tiny flowers which may
occur 2-3 times yearly, gnarled trunks, and naturally miniature leaves.
Probably the two most common bonsai purchased by the casual bonsai buyer in America are
Juniperus and Serissa. Judging from the number of junked junipers and shriveled Serissas,
beginners would be far happier with elm and Ficus. Serissa is a notoriously fussy bonsai indoors however outdoors in shade they are a very easy bonsai to take care of. The good news is that they aren’t that hard to keep alive.

The one that you purchase will be similar to the one depicted.  Please email us if you want to see pictures of the selection we have in stock in various colored pots.

Potted in a 6″ rectangular ceramic green color bonsai pot with curved corners

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